don’t ever feel that I can live without you. Because I can’t and I will never do.
I need you to breathe and feel alive.
To travel because you are my only and one wanderlust.
So don’t ever go I love you so, I love you so.
I want to travel in you and I want to let you travel in me.
And I want to go to places with you, but dreamy places.
Because dreamy is you.
Laughs, symphonies and melodies that I have inside of me.
They will be always playing.
All the love that I have for you is as giant as the sky.
I think you are the sky. You truly are my sky.
I am in love with your lips and hands.
I’m even in love with your legs.
So don’t ever go, I love you so, I love you so.
You are lovely.


randomsweetnothings: Totally love your blog! :)

thank you so much <3

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I usually don’t follow everybody but if it makes you happy i will follow you lovely :))))